Refly is a habit forming smart editor for authors, bloggers and content marketers. A regular text editor will help you to format text and make it pretty for printing. Refly focuses more on the semantic and syntactic clarity of your content. Meanwhile, it helps you to develop a habit of writing.

Here are some salient features of Refly


Set writing goals. You can choose to commit to a number of words you will write per day. Refly helps you to stick with your commitment and track your progress.

How to set goals

If you missed the opportunity to set it during onboarding, choose Preferences -> Goals as shown in the picture below.

Refly Pref Goals

Refly will track the number of words you write. You can view your goal progress by clicking the Goal Icon icon on the toolbar.

Word Count

Spelling Correction

Refly uses a powerful spell correction engine. Refly helps you to avoid embarrassing spelling mistakes in your content.

We use WordNet lexical database to power our spell check engine. Spelling errors are shown in red italics as you type. You can click on the word to see the suggested words. The suggestions will appear beneath the editor window.

Spellcheck Engine


You can choose an alternative synonym for a frequently used word from the editor itself. Select the word and click the ‘Sy’ icon on the toolbar.


For professional authors, making your content discovered in a google search is a daunting task. Refly has a built to enforce the right SEO. We use a statistical rule model to ensure that the content is optimized for search engines.

Sharing and publishing

Refly is a blog editor too. You can share the contents from Refly to WordPress, Medium, and Facebook. We are working on integrating with other platforms as well.