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Refly is a smart editor for authors, bloggers, and content marketers. A smart editor that helps to proofread your content as you write. We use Machine Learning techniques to identify grammar mistakes. A powerful spell checker to avoid embarrassing mistakes. A goal tracking feature to develop a habit, and stay on the course. And finally, a scheduling and publishing component that supports popular CMSes.

Why Refly

Refly is not a conventional text formatting editor. Refly focuses on your writing and helps to get your thoughts into words. Refly suits well for modern day authors who write for online media. Refly is a platform for the digital age.

Future of Refly

Down the line, Refly will improve its smarts and brains. We want to make Refly as versatile as a programming editor. Refly won’t be just an editor that fixes the syntactic bugs. Refly will also be smart enough to detect semantic errors and logical flaws in the content.


Refly editor helps you to develop a habit. You can set your writing goal. As you write and progress through your goal, a graph will show your progress.

SEO Checking

A page rank determines the place or rank of your article in a search result. It is the writer’s desire that his/her content shows up on the first page of google search. Experts have advised following a discipline while creating your content. Keywords in your title, repeated number of keywords etc. will ensure optimized content. Refly provides you a feature to do such a sanity check.

After you finish the article, click on the SEO buttonYou can either select a focus keyword suggested by Refly or you can enter a custom one. Once the keyword is selected Refly checks analyses the content for the following:

  • Whether there a focus Keyword is in the title.
  • Focus keyword is in the first paragraph.
  • The keyword is repeated in one of the subtitles.
  • Calculate the keyword density.

Spelling Correction

Refly uses a powerful spell correction engine. Refly helps you to avoid embarrassing spelling mistakes in your content.We use WordNet lexical database to power our spell check engine. Spelling errors are shown in red italics as you type. You can click on the word to see the suggested words. The suggestions will appear beneath the editor window.


You can choose an alternative synonym for a frequently used word from the editor itself. Select the word and click the ‘Sy’ icon on the toolbar.

Sharing and publishing

Refly is a blog editor too. You can share the contents from Refly to WordPress, Medium, and Facebook. We are working on integrating with other platforms as well.